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Explore the new Dimension of Racing

What is LiveRacers

LiveRacers is an online League Management System & Livetiming for racing simulators. Watching your live sessions, monitoring best laps, displaying race results, running championships or comparing driver statistics - here you have it all. It is free & easy to setup in minutes (see the list of supported games) and works automatically off your server data. Whether you have a couple of friends to race over the weekends or running a racing league, we can help you experience it in a brand new way.

How does it work

Your game server is sending low bandwidth data stream to LiveRacers (usually using a plugin we provide, stream is about between 5KB-20KB/sec depending on the number of drivers). This enables us to feed the livetiming page to you anywhere around the world on your PC, mobile or tablet. Every lap, every incident, sector time or weather conditions are persisted to provide you with league management capabilities. The system also automatically processes the game result files ensuring your results are correct.


  • Results

    Using the live stream data and results files, LiveRacers is persisting all Sessions, so you can see what the competition is doing or just remember ones moments of glory. Race admins can use this feature to monitor drivers' activity.

  • Live Timing

    See what's happening on your servers live. State of the art live timing on auto-generated track, live table and best laps charts. It just doesn't go any better than that. Watching or broadcasting races was never easier.

  • Championships

    Setup custom Events and Championships in your League Calendar. Drivers can group into teams and sign up for these events and system will automatically connect them with race results, updating drivers & teams standings.

    Coming Soon
  • Administration

    Enjoy powerful tools to administer your league - customizing championship formats and point tables, driver penalties, invalidating individual lap times up to setting up how Rating system works or modifying display period for best laps.

  • Statistics

    Whether is it gold medals, top speeds, r track records or consistency of lap times, you will find all of it. Additionally LiveRacers introduces career Rating system, calculated based on race results, customizable to fit your league.

  • Widgets

    Integrate LiveRacers with Your league website. Display the list of live servers, browse active championships or top drivers directly on your web by consuming LiveRacers widgets.


  • 07/02/2015 Version 1.4.4

    • Added support for rFactor 2 'Car Select' feature
    • Fixed bug with processing results files containing multiple vehicles results for the same driver
  • 06/01/2015 Version 1.4.3

    • Bug fixes for drivers with blank spaces in XML results
    • Other small bug fixes
    • Performance optimizations
  • 15/10/2014 Version 1.4.1

    • Improved Session Duration reporting
    • Added support for driver names with underscores '_'
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